About Us

Welcome to PAIIANG LIN SIONG MOTOR CO BIID Official Website

Our Company was registered in 18 September 1937, PAHANG LIN SIONG MOTOR CO BHD has been dedicating stage buses services to passengers. Pahang Lin Siong is a fast growing company. As from 01 January 2008 , we have one unit of 40 pilsseilger express bus, but now we become one of the leading companies of public bus transportation in Peninsular Malaysia.

Today Pahang Lin Siong Motor Co Bhd has more than 10 express coaches including air-contiioned express coaches, coupled with over thirty experienced and well-trained drivers in order to provide o1r passengers with the safest and most comfortable journey which connects to main cities and channels them to their destinations.

Besides, in meeting up to our customers’ demands, our top-notch management team has also been serving to its very best by providing our customers senrice of top quality Ihe new 4O-seater coaches was innovated to meet the needs of our dear customers who desire for a more luxurious and comfortable coach travel.

However, these buses seem not sufficient due to the increasing demand of interstate bus services in Peninsular h{alaysia. Therefore, we intend to acquire more express coaches and permits in order to have various bus routes and increase the number of trips to satis$ the demands of public.